Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Letter my Mother India

Dear mother India, I am really gifted for I am dwelling on you and proud to be born in your sacred . Until 64 yrs back, many brave sons and daughters laid their lives to gain you freedom and maintain your chastity be it from the evil attacks, occupation, looting and rule by tyrants from the middle east or against the oppressive rule and exploitation by the bloody Britishers. I Just want you to know that they are just jealous of your wealth and prosperity. The prosperity that they are calling now is in fact the booty they looted from you. Be proud of yourselves for that fact. Now even after 64 yrs, you are still being looted and exploited. This time not by foreign mercenaries who came here to loot you and change your identity, but by your very own corrupted sons and daughters. I want you to again give those brave sons in the likes of Vikramadithya, Asoka, Vivekananda, Bharatha who glorified you and made you feel proud. If the theory of Kalki's birth is really true, I want you to quickly conceive and give brith to him now itself to clean up this mess in and around you. I want you to really prove us that 'Satyameva Jayate'. May God bless you with all the lost glory, prosperity and peacefulness.

Happy Birthday and Happy Independence day!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wisdom Bites (Contd..)

Random thought #7:

If you are winning always, people will loose interest in you!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wisdom Bites (Contd..)

Random thought #6:

People will only listen what they want to hear and will believe only what they want to listen. They will neither be interested nor can be convinced, no matter how hard you try and explain, unless they want to believe it.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wisdom Bites - A random collection of thoughts on human behaviour!

My memory is so weak that I can remember my life only as far back as 15 years. Didn't remember how my life was before that. But ever since I started taking note of my life, I inculcated the habit of noticing the behavoir of people around me. Obviuos reason being that I have to live among them day in and day out and so I have to understand how they think and act; Mend my ways in such away not to offend them.

In the course, I have had many lessons learnt and experiences faced which are worth noting. But be it lack of the opportunities or call it lack of focus, I never penned them down and so all the past lessons and experiences are all lost in time for a quick reference.

As I don't want to let this happen again, I decided my pen my experiences . This peice is a work-in-progress and owing to its very nature will remain so, always. These are just my random collections of thoughts which I learnt, or will be learning, from my life.

I am not trying to re-wrtie aBhagavadgita here nor I want this to be a bible of thoughts. These are going to be just my thoughts and inferences of situations and happenings in my life. I am not writing this keeping anyone in mind or for anyone to see. But will be happy if others can get anything out of it. I will keep each RT(Random Thought) as simple, lite and short as possible.

Finally, I know that - Its Late, Its lite. But, isn't it great!

Random thought #1:

A person is spiritually more happy when he seriously doesn't want to be spiritual. The moment he starts thinking spiritual, everything he has done or has been doing looks wrong and can never perform his duties sincerely. Which in itself is against the very spirituality. Silly, Isn't it?

Random thought #2:

When a person is commenting on others actions, he is only showing his jealous for not being able to do that action first.

Random thought #3:

when you say truth to friends- First they don't beleive you. Next they interrogate you. Then push you till you lie. And when you finally lie, they readily concur with you.

Random thought #4:

When your friends say they have apprehensions on what you said and kept interrogating you, they only liked what you said and want to hear it again.

Random thought #5:

Hypocrats are not rare. Women around you are all the examples!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Facebook Ramayana!

Got this recently in a mail. I liked it and just wanted to share it with you, well..if only you haved not seen it already.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rs.9/- for dollar!!

What the hell are you talking? Are you dreaming? Which dollar? - I know these are the questions you want to ask me after reading the title. Yes, I know what I am talking and definitely not dreaming. Ask me where you will get it so cheaply? Its here in Chennai! This is no scam. However, to get that you need to travel a bit. After all, you won't get Dollar easily, do you? Well, this is what you have to do.

- Go to Tiruvanmiyur depot.

Now, for all those who don't know what tiruvanmiyur is; its a city bus depot in Chennai city. Tiruvanmiyur is the central location if you wish to travel towards south of the chennai. Untill few years back it was considered as the southern border of chennai. But now, Thanks to IT manaic, chennai has expanded so much towards south that tiruvanmiyur once a border is now a main center.

Enough with 'Gyan', lets get back to tiruvanmiyur bus depot.

- Wait there till you see a bus with route number T51. The moment you see it, get into it.

When I say 'get into T51', its not every T51. You should avoid taking an A/C T51. Otherwise your dollar will cost more. My suggestion is to take either a non a/c bus with closing doors or the 'Extra long' bus.

- Take a seat, if available.

- Watch out for a weired looking, serious personality with a leather bag and holding an electronic machine in his hand.

- Don't mess up with him. Don't talk too much to him. Just ask 'One dollar'.

- He will ask you 9/-

- Give what he asks for and he will hand you over a white colored slip with some ciphered text printed on it.

This is to make sure that others don't understand what is printed. Nevertheless, keep it in your safe custody. You will need it to accomplish you mission.

- Sit in the bus till it passes an area called Karapakkam and get down at the stop next to it.

There you are! at DOLLAR bus stop. And know what? you paid only 9/- for it. Cheap. Ain't it? :) :) :)

Some more gyan:
Dollar is the name of a bus stop on OMR road in chennai. The area has no specific name to indentify. So people started referring it by the name of a buscuit making company that was once operating near that stop. Now the company is gone, but the name remains. So much for a legacy,eh?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Solitude and Seclusion - The hardest things a man can subject himself to

When I frist came to know, last week, that I have to stay three full
days lonely in the room; I thought it is an opportunity to spend some
time with myself and re-invent myself.

Two days passed and I already feel my room as an island with no humans
in it, except me.

Now I can understand how Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) might have felt on
that uninhabited island, in the movie Cast Away. I am in no different
situation now!

Decided to watch 'Cast Away' on this third day, atleast to appreciate
the mutual feeling.